Friday, 28 November 2008

More arson

More evidence of the sheer imbecility of certain people in Pinehurst. If they'd had any brains at all they would at least have removed the tools before they burnt down these sheds, so that they could sell them at a car boot sale and make more money to spend on booze or drugs. I hadn't been down the allotments for a week because of the weather, and this was what I found when I did.
What annoys me - one of the things that annoy me - is that these sheds usually belong to old men whose greatest pleasure in life is their garden. They haven't enough money to buy a new set of tools, and after this, would they have the heart?

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Jewel Atkins said...

I just stumbled upon your blog whilst clickng "next blog" in the top banner. It is heartbreaking to see such mindless destruction. We have had our share of barn arsonists here in Lancaster PA, USA, too. Mostly Amish barns. But nothing is spared from the wrath of the stupid in our midst. The arsonists also burned down covered bridges which had been standing for over 100 years or better. Sickening doesn't describe the aftermath and loss. I hope the people who burned down the gardeners' shed will be found and prosecuted.