Tuesday, 23 September 2008

...and rain stopped play.

The rain has come back - sort of mizzly, damp rain, no good for anything. It started just after I'd left home (just after I'd put my pyjamas on the line, in fact), and by the time I got to the allotment, it was getting through my trousers, and the only people down there (the old Italian couple) were moving off home. He was carrying a sack full of produce, she was pushing the big red rotovator. I offered to help, but she said no.

So all I've done today is cut a red cabbage for my dinner. It is my only red cabbage, and was a cuckoo in the nest of a packet of Greyhound cabbage seeds. It is perfectly beautiful, and deserves to be eaten in a red cabbage salad or cole slaw, but I shall boil it to go with my chicken and Salvation Army potatoes.

At least I've got my camera back now from the mender's, so I can accompany my scrawlings with photographs.

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