Friday, 26 September 2008

The Tomato King

Joe was collecting tomatoes, and I asked if I could photograph him (he gave me the tomatoes he is holding in the photograph). He said there had been a frost five days ago and it had killed all his plants. I hadn't noticed a frost, but there had been a terrible fog recently, so I suppose it was cold enough to kill his tomato plants - Joe called it "that bloody cloud!" I thought his plants were all brown because of blight, but no, that makes them black. He was still picking the tomatoes though, and said they would continue to ripen. But he hadn't got many bottles of tomatoes this year - about 40 compared with the usual 500 or so. He said 1964 had been his best year, when he'd sold boxes and boxes of tomatoes to the Indian shop for £2 a go. That was on his old allotment though, which had much better soil.

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