Friday, 26 September 2008


I went down the allotment after six tonight to light a couple of bonfires, one on each allotment. I lit the one in Blue's dustbin on the SA allotment, and it burned everything cleanly really quickly, and was really hot. As I was doing so, Franco came and lit a fire at the top of his allotment, and went home, leaving it blazing away like mad.

When mine had died down a bit, I went to the Cat allotment, and set fire to the pile of grape boxes down there, hoping to burn off some of the weeds. A police helicopter arrived and hovered overhead. Everyone said, oh, no they're looking for someone, but I reckon they were filming all the bonfires, because everyone else seemed to have the idea as me, and had come down on a fine evening to burn their rubbish.

My fire got a bit out of hand, because the tractor had mown the grass, and it was spreading through the grass. I went back to the SA shed to get a spade to put it out with. Someone had left the gate open, and a group of kids on bikes poured in and started milling about. They said the helicopter was watching the fires. One also told me that his mum had said that there was a pervert about, driving a green car, wearing nothing below the waist. I couldn't help laughing, which I don't think was the reaction he was hoping for.

I left the miserable Italian to get rid of them, and went back to the Cat allotment, where my fire had died down a bit. Joe was adding more weeds to his fire, and a man from the houses had come out and built a fire which was going well. The police helicopter was still circling overhead.

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