Friday, 26 September 2008

"Go and photograph that man!"

The trouble with not writing your blog every day is that you forget what happened even a couple of days ago. All I remember about the 24th was doing my two rows' digging, then on my way home, chasing round the allotments, photographing everything I set eyes on - including the grape boxes and grape must in the Italians' compost bins - and for the simple joy of having my camera back.

I tried to photograph the little Italian lady, but although she would have made a beautiful photo, she wouldn't let me (this was after a very long conversation full of ma's and sempre's about the fact that the council hadn't "cleaned" the allotment next to hers, which she is constantly complaining about, because the weeds and slugs invade hers). She told me to "go and photograph that man" instead, so I did.

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