Saturday, 4 October 2008

Chris (Nos. 61 & 63)

I embarrassed poor Chris by asking if I could photograph him today as I was walking home. He has two allotments, nos. 61 and 63, which is separated by one which is overgrown, and apparently has been for three years. Today Chris asked me why the Council hadn't mown this one when they mowed all the other derelict ones, and all I could say was, they had a list, and I guess it wasn't on the list because someone is renting it.

Someone told me that this allotment is a cause of great frustration and annoyance to Chris, who keeps his two very much up together, and must be troubled by weed seeds and slugs from the one in between. Someone else told me that some people, whose gardens back on to the allotments, rent the allotment it backs on to so that they won't be troubled by gardeners.

I find it hard to see how this one can have slipped through the net for three years, but it's not the only one that was left derelict when the tractor came. Some people have got a lot to answer for.

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