Friday, 10 October 2008

Rejoice for the Salvation Army is back!

I was somewhat upset yesterday when I finally finished interviewing all and sundry to find that the Salvation Army had arrived mob-handed and were working on their half of my plot - or should I rephrase that, their plot. That is to say, there were two members of staff, one ex-resident, and two residents. Of the two residents, one was a new face, and the other had done some work before on several occasions, but hadn't been up for at least six weeks.

I admired their harvest, which was spread out on the grass - one tiny potato and one microscopic cucumber - and asked to borrow a spade. They seemed to have brought a number of spades with them, so I imagine they have bought some. They were clearing the area not covered by the blue tarpaulin that so infuriates me. The had taken some of the weeds out, but I doubt very much if they've cleaned it in the space of two or three hours, so no doubt the couch will re-emerge.

I had a few words with them, and they made the excuse that as staff they were only free to come at certain times, so if the weather was bad... (none of the residents work, so what's their excuse? After all, it's a free country - they can go down there when they like). But when the staff member started talking about making raised beds so that each resident could have their own little plot, I just walked away. It's no good getting upset about it: concentrate on the Cat allotment, and shed no tears over a criminal waste of good land.

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