Saturday, 4 October 2008

A division of the spoil

Meanwhile, the Allotment Officer has been and divided some of the mown ones into smaller plots ready to rent out. But instead of dividing them lengthways, she's done it widthways, making two very thin strips out of one normal sized allotment. I think there'll be ructions when people start arguing as to where theirs ends and their neighbour's begins. So I was bloody lucky to get no. 59 when I did - a week or so later, and I'd have had to settle for a mere furrow.

(I must find out how wide medieval strips were and if the size has been inherited directly into allotments. I guess when the Allotment Act came in, it was all chains and furlongs).

On the New tonight, it said that in Cheltenham, they were getting 2-3 applications for plots per day now, whereas before it had been 2-3 per week.

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