Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Hedges Family (No. 388)

On my way home, I saw this family working an allotment at the very far end of the site. They said they originally had three allotments, 388, 389 and 390, but they gave 389 and 390 up because they were too much work. Although I could see three generations of the family at work, I was told there used to be more of them, because the kids all came down as well.

She (Mrs Hedges?) said that the trouble had been that the allotments all around them had been derelict until recently, when they were mown, and they used to spend a lot of time simply controlling the weeds on either side.

They'd had their shed broken into two weeks ago, another reason to be glad the grass all round them had been mown - it was high enough for kids to hide in, and rumour has it that the local delinquents had cut a hole in the Council's new fence and were regularly coming in and out of the site. The Allotment Officer is aware of it though, and when I saw her, said she was planning to do something about it.

The Hedges' allotment was down to raised beds, which for once looked as if they were more than merely ornamental. They had some splendid loganberry (?) bushes on their plot, that were still producing.

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