Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Digging in C minor

Have just got back from the allotment after spending two hours digging, not my new allotment as I should, but the Salvation Army allotment. I should really let it revert to what it was before I took it on, and concentrate on my own, but it's hard to neglect it deliberately. Even more foolhardy, I'm digging a yard-wide strip the other side of the strawberries and putting boards upright in the soil to mark of "my" bit from theirs, and to draw a line between their slug-riddled, weed-infested half and "mine". Would that it were mine! They could even take that half off me should they so please. Donna told me all along, get your own allotment, but it's hard to put any commitment into a plot that's covered in perennial weeds and is rock hard and has clay less than 6" below the surface, when the plot you've been working on for two seasons has black soil that digs like cutting cake.

So I was feeling too despondent on my way home to take any photos, not that there was anybody there hardly. It was sunny and very, very windy, and now I shall have to try and get the knots out of my hair.

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